Amy Stoney


Amy Stoney has a seasoned yet timeless love of horses, ranching and rural America.  Her ability to capture meaningful moments through her camera's lens reminds viewers of the honest simplicity of horses and the slower pace of a lifestyle often buried by the bustle of modern society. 

As a horse owner, exhibitor and partner in her family's reining horse business, Amy has ample opportunity to photograph her heart's passion.  Her award winning images have been published dozens of times in major equine industry magazines, and used frequently in equine corporate marketing campaigns. Her work appeared on the cover of the 2014 Horse Illustrated Calendar and her equine portraits are an advertising staple for some of the reining industry's well known players.

Amy says her goal as an artist is to leave an undeniable impression with her photography, and have her images not soon forgotten.  She also strives to offer viewers a rich and multi-dimensional vision of history - one image at a time.

Connie Stoney

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Connie Stoney's early roots as a black and white pencil artist naturally gave way to an adoration for monotone and black and white photography.  Connie is fascinated by the simple beauty of life with horses. Her eye is attracted to the earthy details of ordinary subjects and her work often provokes more a sense of touch than of sight.

A graphic designer by trade, Connie specializes in equine industry web design. Formerly a professional horse trainer, she still brokers reining horses world-wide. Her photography has become the perfect complement to her businesses, and has not only earned prestige among her clients, but is often awarded generously at juried contests and exhibitions.

Connie says her goal as a photographer is to enhance appreciation for the common features in everyday life.  But her favorite thing about her photography is that she gets to enjoy it alongside her daughter, Amy Stoney.
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